VividCon Scholarship

The annual VividCon scholarship is intended to bring someone to the con who has never previously attended and would otherwise not be able to come. Scholarship winners will be selected based on their contributions to vid fandom and will be asked to contribute to the con, either by VJing, moderating, or volunteering elsewhere, for a total of three hours. Both vidders and non-vidders are eligible. Non-vid contributions might include making vid rec pages or archives, betaing vids, giving extensive feedback, participating in vid discussion, and so on, and many of these might even be more valuable to vid fandom than just making vids.

The nomination period is announced each spring and nominations are kept strictly confidential — we will not let anyone know who nominated whom, or how many nominations different people received. When nominating, please include the nominee’s name, how we can reach them (email or phone preferred), and why you think they meet the criteria. URLs where we can see their work or other contributions (if applicable) would also be great.

Once all the nominations are in, the concom will award the scholarship to the person who best matches the criteria (not necessarily the one who has the most nominations). If the winner cannot accept the scholarship, a runner up will be chosen by the concom. If the cancellation comes too close to the con to find a different winner, the funds will be saved over to the following year.

Please consider making a donation to the VividCon scholarship using the Paypal button below, or contact us at to obtain information about mailing a paper check or money order.