VividCon Scholarship

Due to difficulty in recent years attracting nominations for individuals who qualified under the original criteria, VividCon has retired the VividCon Scholarship. In its place in 2018,  VividCon will offer 3 attending memberships to VividCon 2018 via Con or Bust, the fan-run non-profit organization that helps fans of color/non-white people attend SFF conventions.

Offered for more than a decade, the annual VividCon Scholarship was intended to bring someone to the con who had never previously attended and would otherwise not have been able to come. Scholarship winners were selected based on their contributions to vid fandom and were asked to contribute to the con, either by VJing, moderating, or volunteering elsewhere, for a total of three hours. Both vidders and non-vidders were eligible. Non-vidmaking contributions included making vid rec pages or archives, betaing vids, giving extensive feedback, participating in vid discussion, and so on, as many of these activities were possibly more valuable to vid fandom than just making vids.