Vividcon 2018 Panels and Programming


What We’ve Learned: What knowledge and insight have we gained along the way? What tips and tricks have we picked up? This series of panels will look at specific areas of vidding technique, with panelists leading discussions on what they’ve learned.

Emotion – moderator: here’s luck

Multisource – moderators: fiercynn, scribe, bironic

Effects – moderators: Kitty & hollywoodgrrl

Relationships – moderators: Killa & Trelkez

Tension – moderators: Jetpack Monkey & kiki_miserychic

Motion – moderators: Bradcpu, jarrow, rhoboat

Best Advice Ever: What was the best vidding advice you’ve ever received? A discussion panel on everything from the foundational advice that you learned to vid from to comments on individual vids. Mods: SDWolfpup & ghost_lingering

Town Hall: A town hall discussion on the state of vidding today and where we’re headed. Mod: Cesperanza

Aesthetic Shifts: How have vidding aesthetics changed over time, particularly from the start of VividCon in 2002 to now? Mod: Destina

Vids as Time Capsule: What do vids tell us about the culture, events, and moods of the time periods in which they are made? Mod: Killa

VividCon History: A look back at VividCon over the years, with a panel of VividCon staff members past and present.

Closing: A time for all of us to share memories and final remarks.


Challenge Review: An hour of vid review immediately following the Challenge show. Mod: Milly

Vid Review: A two and a half hour discussion of the VividCon Premieres show. Mod: sisabet

In Depth Vid Review: A closer look at a selection of vids from the Premieres show. This year’s In Depth will be two and a half hours long and feature eight moderators, each choosing a different vid to discuss from the show. Mods: astolat, Jetpack Monkey, Luminosity, sweetestdrain & GhostTownExit, Trelkez, thuvia ptarth, rhoboat