Vividcon 2017 Vid Shows


Cosplay Music Videos | VJ: Rhea314
Combining cosplay and vidding these fans create their own visuals for their music videos. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, experience what another form of vidding has to offer!

Go Long! | VJ: Sweetestdrain
Vidshow / Panel Two-hour combo (See description on Panels page.)

Inspiration | VJ: renenet
Whether you’re a superhero or an ordinary person, everyone needs a bit of inspiration now and then: the source may be connecting with family or friends, discovering or rediscovering your favorite activity or favorite outfit, a great dance beat, witnessing the awesomeness of someone with special abilities and super powers, or appreciating the regular powers and perseverance of everyday misfits like ourselves. Sit back and enjoy an hour of vids exploring themes of motivation and inspiration and hopefully leave a bit more inspired in your own life!

Murder Most Foul | VJ: sisabet
A selection of murdery vids: from whodunnits to vids that put the viewer in the role of the victim, the killer, or both, any and every kind of murder is ripe for vidding!

Structure of a Vidshow, Redux | VJs: Trelkez, Sweetestdrain & you?
Vidshow / Panel Two-hour combo (See description on Panels page.)

Sweet, Sweet Love| VJ: Trelkez
Description available soon.

This Vidshow Goes to Eleven! | VJ: Trelkez
My emotions! My emotions!!!! (A one hundred percent invested all on the line go big or go home earnestly melodramatic lol-cry vidshow.)

Unreliable Narrators | VJ: kiki_miserychic
There’s an assumption that the person telling you a story is telling the truth, these vids explore the idea of unreliable narrators. Reasons for their unreliability include naivete, withheld information, mental illness, personal bias, mind altering substances, deliberate misleading of the audience, exaggeration, and whatever the hell was happening in Sucker Punch.

Vidding as Poetry | VJ/mod: lola
Vidshow / Panel Two-hour combo (See description on Panels page.)



Welcome to VividCon – a sampler of vids from cons past to get the party started

Auction – the vids made for our annual con auction

Wish You Were Here – the non-attending vidder showcase

Premieres – premiering vids by con attendees

VividCon Classic – retro VividCon vidshows, counter-programmed with Vid Review

Club Vivid – con dance party – this is how we dance before breakfast where we come from

Nearly New – vids made in the past year

Challenge – an anonymously submitted vidshow of premieres on a theme; this year’s theme: Resistance

Instant Replay – vids by request that played over the weekend