VividCon 2016 Vidshows

  • Better Living Through Dystopia: A Survival Guide Vidshow
    VJ: GhostTownExit
    Description: Worried about accidentally breaking one of your society’s many arbitrary rules? Stressed out from deciding which way to surrender your free will? Bored by the fact that everything in your world is now gray for some reason? This handy guide will give you all the helpful tips you’ll need to live and live well in whatever sort of dystopian future world you find yourself in. In this 45-minute vidshow, you’ll learn the following: conformity, loss of humanity, advanced conformity, and leading a doomed uprising. Note: This vidshow is NOT to be used as a means of overthrowing our benevolent, ever-watchful Overlords.

  • Express Yourself
    VJ: Pipsqueak
    Description: Creative expression in its many forms, including music, writing, dance, fine art, and others.

  • Fandom Life
    VJ: AbsoluteDestiny
    Description: The fan experiences we share together as told by the fan tributes we make for each other.

  • Keys to the Kingdom
    VJ: renenet
    Description: Leading a nation, kingdom, corporation, or enterprise responsibly is difficult work. Be careful what you do with the power that comes with such a position…and beware what that power can do to you.

  • No Source? No Problem
    VJ: revolutionaryjo
    Description: Fandom always finds a way. Vids for books, podcasts, and other things that don’t come with a convenient visual source.

  • The Persistence of Memory
    VJ: Trelkez
    Description: What will you carry with you? What will you leave behind?

  • A Spankin’ Good Time!
    VJs: elipie & bironic
    Description: A vidshow celebrating kinks of all shapes, sizes, and intensities.

  • Spoken Audio in Vids
    VJ: kiki_miserychic
    Description: A selection of vids with dialogue focused audio use, which are somewhat atypical to the VVC audience. There’s a large variety, like the reading of a poem, voiceovers, scenes, AUs, spoken word, crack vids, vines, public domain audio, and stand up comedy. Sometimes used to give context to dialogue, as verbal exposition paired with past visuals, to pay off foreshadowing paired with the later footage, to make subtext text, with auto tune, and more.