VividCon 2016 Panels and Fandom Programming


  • I Ship It
    Mod: Anoel
    Description: Falling for a ship is a common impetus to create vids, but can be harder than throwing some meaningful looks and kisses down on the timeline to your favorite love song. Let’s discuss different types of ship vids, choosing the right song for your relationship, canon vs. non-canon differences, aesthetic concerns, creating emotional resonance for different audiences and our favorite ship vids and why they work so well for us.
  • Let It Go
    Mod: Trelkez
    Description: Show of hands: who has that one (or more … or many) vid WiP you *know* you aren’t ever going to finish, but just can’t let go of? It has such potential! It could be so great! But it will never, ever be A Completed Thing, and, hey — that’s okay. In previous years, we’ve talked about ways to wrangle WiPs to completion and tips for pushing through; this time around, we’re going to talk about learning to let go. We’ll discuss WiP acceptance and the hidden values of projects that go unfinished, watch a selection of forever-WiPs in a loving and supportive atmosphere, and (metaphorically? probably?) pour one out for the vids we’ll never finish.
  • One Hour Vid
    Mods: astolat & Killa
    Description: I’ve got a Macbook and a song! We’re going to make as much of a multifandom dance vid as we can in an hour with whoever shows up and optionally whatever source you get me in advance (I’ll bring MCU and a random variety of other stuff). We’ll be working with Adobe Creative Cloud tools, so if you want to see how vids get made, compare tools and processes, argue over the perfect clip, or just have fun banging out a wacky stress-free vid together, come and join us!
  • What’s That Noise?!
    Mod: ghost lingering
    Description: Dialogue, explosions, dogs barking, tap dance, silence — there are many audio choices you can make that go beyond picking a song. We’ll discuss a variety of non-musical audio styles and aesthetics, as well as the risks and rewards of those styles.
  • The Writing is On the Wall (2 hr)
    Mod: Milly
    Description: Sometimes, clips and audio just aren’t enough. Whether you need to spell it out, be all meta, or because it really hammers in your concept, script is just one more tool in your vidding arsenal. Come join us for a discussion on the use of text in vids, as well as resources and tips.

Fandom Programming

  • Vids4Ham
    Mod: SDWolfpup
    Description: There are a variety of ways to go about vidding Hamilton: staged source, backstage/cast video, and soundtrack audio. We’ll look at these and questions such as, what are the challenges of vidding a stage production? And, when the soundtrack is vidded to other sources, to what degree are we reading them through a Hamilton lens?
  • How Do I Get You Alone: Making Magic out of BBC’s Merlin (2 hr)
    Mod: sweetestdrain
    Description: The story of King Arthur of Camelot, filled with chivalry, sorcery, and tragedy, has inspired transformative works for hundreds of years. How did vidders react to BBC’s Merlin and its sometimes magical, sometimes troublesome take on this classic narrative? We’ll watch and discuss a curated assortment of vids made over the course of Merlin’s five seasons, specifically those with an emphasis on “transformative”: vids which reimagine, reinvent, or even transgress against the show’s established narrative, and which either celebrate or rebel against the omnipresent specter of established Arthurian “canon.” Also: singing dragons. (The first hour of this panel will be in vidshow format, and the second will be heavily discussion-based with additional example vids and clips.)
  • Star Trek (2 hr)
    Mod: Killa
    Description: A vid presentation & discussion panel on the history of Star Trek vidding. (Full panel description soon!)