VividCon 2015 Vidshows

  • Artificial Life
    VJ: tbm
    Description: Androids, replicators, clones, and augments: a celebration of a different kind of mind.

  • Coming Soon to a Screen Near You
    VJ: kiki_miserychic
    Description: Trailers in vidding can be found in wide variety. Many media mash ups exist that use audio from one source meshed with the video from another source. Many trailer vids swap genres or shift the focus of the original media. Trailer vids can be made to promote other fanworks, generally fanfiction. There are also fan edited trailers for existing media and fan created media can take a different approach or create something new. Patchworks can be created to give the viewer a taste of media that does not yet exist.

  • Game Plan
    VJs: Milly & elipie
    Description: Get your head in the game and your adrenaline pumping! From baseball to football, come root root root for the home team and cheer as people put their bodies to the test.

  • Gray Areas
    VJ: Trelkez
    Description: The antihero, the enemy-turned-ally, the hero on a downward slide, the villain wracked with guilt, the unrepentant thief: characters struggling toward the light, spiraling into the dark, or embracing a life lived in shades of gray.

  • Hey Vid, Wanna Get High?
    VJ: joyo
    Description: Vids as trippy visual spectacles.

  • I Like This Version Better
    VJ: AbsoluteDestiny
    Description: A vidshow about canonical and fannish rewrites, including historical revision, weird homages, and AUs.

  • Lions and Tigers and Vids, Oh My!
    VJ: elipie
    Description: From tiny crawlers to fuzzy beasts, this vidshow celebrates animals and shows what the world is like from their point of view.

  • You’re My Best Friend
    VJs: Gianduja Kiss
    Description: A celebration of BFFs.