Vid submissions

Before continuing, please make sure that you have read the programming FAQ and the vid preparation page.

Each vidder can submit up to 2 vids for any of these shows. Please note: This does NOT guarantee that your vid will be shown. Details are in the FAQ. You can choose to have your premieres vid “rolled over” to Nearly New if it can’t be shown in Premieres.

Submission of a vid as a premiering vid for any show includes permission to distribute this vid on the con dvd. If you do not want your vid to possibly end up on the con dvd, do not submit it to Premieres/flag it as a premiering vid.

Note: for challenge vids, only our tech crew will see your submission and therefore know who you are. They will not reveal the info even to other concom members. If you don’t want even them to know, please just set up a gmail address to use and make the name “Anonymous” or something similar. You can also tell us whether you want to be revealed after the show (eg, if you want to be credited on the con DVD, or if we do a guess-the-vidder thing at the con).

Also note: submissions are counted by submitting vidder, NOT by collaboration team. Any one member of a team can choose to submit a collaboration vid, but she must then decide the relative priority of that vid vs. any other solo vids she wants to submit. Please discuss with your collaborators who will submit which vid.

And PLEASE — if you are filling out this form to submit a vid on behalf of someone else, for whatever reason (she’s not online, she hates filling out forms, you were submitting vids anyway, you collaborated on the vid and it is going in under her name but she hates writing blurbs, whatever), please use her name, email address (if she doesn’t have one and you’re willing to be the vid contact, you can use your own, but still use her name), and membership status.

I understand, now take me to the submission form!