Vid preparation

Note: By submitting your premiering vid(s), you are giving permission to have them included on the con DVD collection. If you do not want your vid to be on the DVD (subject to available room), it should not be submitted as a premiere to any vidshow.

Preparing Vids for Upload

  • Please do not include extra black space at the beginning or end of your vid. Llamaenc will put this in for you. Trim the vid as close to the beginning and end as you can.
  • Accepted formats:
    • We will no longer accept m2v/wav files for vids.
    • All vids must be encoded to mpeg4 with the latest release of LlamaEnc 3, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
    • If your vid is not encoded with LlamaEnc 3, we will re-encode it with LlamaEnc 3.
    • If you encode your vid with Llamaenc 3, we will play that file at the con.
    • For the con dvd, your vid will be converted by us using the Llamaenc 3 mp4 file as a master.
    • FYI, LlamaEnc3 will encode your vids in the following manner:
      • If the video has a frame rate greater than 30fps, the frame rate will be converted to 29.97fps (so that it is also correct for the con dvd). Otherwise, we will keep the frame rate of the source you submitted.
      • The maximum resolution for submission is 1920×1080 – the vid will be scaled down until both dimensions are less than or equal to this.
      • Audio will be converted to 48000Hz Stereo.
      • The volume of your vid will be adjusted to have a calculated listening volume of -16db
  • Naming your files
    You no longer need to worry about this; LlamaEnc 3 will produce the proper name for your file.

Ready to Submit

When your files are ready, consult the Vid Submissions page for the next steps.