Content notes policy

VividCon will implement vidder-provided content notes for all of our vidshows beginning with VividCon 2015.

We consider it vital to VividCon that vidders establish the content note(s) attached to their own vid(s); therefore, VividCon will never place any content note (other than a default “choose not to give content notes”) on a vid without vidder consent and participation.

Our submission form requires vidders to select one or more of the following options:

  • no standardized content notes apply
  • choose not to give content notes
  • graphic violence
  • sexual violence
  • physical triggers (e.g., strobe lights, bright lights, ‘stuttery’ cuts between 2–3 stills)
  • other (you may use this text box if you would like to indicate the presence of other content, for example: self-harm, blood/gore, medical trauma, or anything else)

The appropriate symbol(s) below will appear in each vid’s playlist entry in the con program. The appropriate symbol(s) will appear in the title or blurb section of the program at VividCon. A key to the symbols will appear in the front matter of the program and we will also indicate where in the program one can find the Additional Notes when the symbol for “other” appears.


none-apply-sm No standardized content notes apply

triangle with exclamation point Vidder prefers not to give content notes or was unavailable to provide them (viewer proceeds at their own risk)

circle with V Graphic violence

circle with S Sexual violence

circle with P Physical triggers (e.g., strobe lights, bright lights, ‘stuttery’ cuts between 2–3 stills)

circle with O Other

We would like to express our great appreciation to Festivids and VidUKon for adapting and refining the AO3’s fic-centered warnings system for use with vids and for working out the kinks with it in order to meet the needs of the vidding community in the online and convention environments.

If you have questions for VividCon about our content notes policy, you may reach us at