About VividCon

The first VividCon was held in 2002. As interest in vids was growing, cons started accommodating longer vidshows and adding vid-watching and vid-making panels to their schedules, yet there never seemed to be enough time to discuss all the different facets of vids in depth.

VividCon was founded to fill that vacancy. We welcome all vid genres: gen, adult, het, slash, anime, experimental… If you like vids, you want to be at this con.

We have a dedicated vidshow room and vidshows going throughout the convention, as well as a mix of panels for both vidders and vid-watchers, for both newer and more advanced vidders. And as well as our Saturday-night premieres vidshow, we will once again be having our Friday night dance party, Club Vivid. In addition, the VividCon vid library has a wide range of DVDs available, including DVDs of previous vidshows from the con, that attendees can sign out to watch in their own rooms (attendees will need to bring a DVD player or computer, which can be hooked up to the new hotel TVs).