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VividCon 2015 will be held August 7-9 at the SpringHill Suites Chicago O'Hare hotel in Chicago, Illinois.


All deadlines are for the Eastern US timezone (UTC-4).

  • All Club Vivid vids will be due at 11:59 pm April 24, 2015.
  • All Challenge, themed show, and Nearly New vids will be due at 11:59 pm May 29, 2015.
  • All Premieres, non-attending Premieres, and Auction vids will be due at 11:59 pm June 19, 2015.

    Participate Online

    For even faster news and updates, and to read or participate in discussions about panels and vidshows, check out:

  • The VividCon Livejournal - available for announcements and discussions.
  • The VividCon Mailing List - open to anyone, whether you think you can make it to the con or not.
  • The VividCon Twitter account
  • The VividCon Tumblr

  • The VividCon Dreamwidth community

    VividCon Programming

  • Vidshows 2015

  • Panels and Fandom Programming 2015

  • Vid Suggestions - Now open! Suggest vids for our themed vidshows.

  • VividCon Programming FAQ - Creating our numerous vidshows and panels each year is a complex process, and one which requires the coordinated participation and effort of many individuals. This is how the magic happens.

  • VividCon 2015 Challenge - Memory

  • Club Vivid Vid Signup is not yet open for Vividcon 2015.

  • Submitting Vids

  • VividCon Vid Submission Form

  • VividCon Vid Delivery and MPEG-2 Instructions - How to get your vid to us!

    Other Sites of Interest

  • VividCon CafePress Store - Get fabulous stuff displaying all VividCon's former themes -- a few created for us by friends!

  • VividCon Scholarship Nominations/Donations - Do you know someone in "vid fandom" who's never been to VividCon? Someone who'd like to come, but would need some hard cash assistance to get here? The VividCon Scholarship Program was created to bring vidders who might not otherwise be able to make it to the con. Click for details on nominating someone and/or making a donation to the scholarship fund.

  • VividCon Convention Video Database - Contains listings for most vids shown at past VividCons, searchable by title/creator/vidshow/source.

    About VividCon

    VividCon is intended for anyone who enjoys fannish vids - watching them, talking about them, or making them. As interest in vids has grown, cons have been accommodating longer vidshows and adding vid-watching and vid-making panels to their schedules, yet there never seems to be enough time to discuss all the different facets of vids in depth.

    VividCon aims to fill that vacancy. We welcome all vid genres: gen, adult, het, slash, anime, experimental... If you like vids, you want to be at this con.

    We have a dedicated vidshow room and vidshows going throughout the convention, as well as a mix of panels for both vidders and vid-watchers, for both newer and more advanced vidders. And as well as our Saturday-night premieres vidshow, we will once again be having our Friday night dance party, Club Vivid. In addition, the VividCon vid library has a wide range of DVDs available, including DVDs of previous vidshows from the con, that attendees can sign out to watch in their own rooms (attendees will need to bring a DVD player or computer, which can be hooked up to the new hotel TVs).

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